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An easy way to get over 500 WPM in typing games.

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A tool for achieving high-scores in typing competitions

Ready to #HyperType?

HyperTyper is the easiest way to instantly improve your apparent typing abilities. Whether you're looking to finally crack 20 wpm on TypeRacer, dominate typing races, or manipulate the leaderboards of a typing website to make your name the first result when you Google search yourself, HyperTyper is all you need.


If you're on Chrome, get the Chrome Extension. Alternatively, on any browser, add a bookmarklet by dragging this link, HyperTyper, to your bookmarks bar.


Using HyperTyper is simple; all you need to do is go to one of the supported websites and click on the checkered flag that appears in your Omnibar (if you're using the Chrome extension) or click on the bookmarklet to start up HyperTyper. Now (once the first word of the passage is in the input box) press space to #HyperType.

If you're too lazy to press space 500 times, I wrote a use this bash script to press space 600 times. To use it with HyperTyper, first run HyperTyper (click on the icon or bookmarklet), run the script, then get to the input field, and watch.

#! /bin/bash
sleep 3;
for ((i=0; i < 600; i++))
    xte 'key space'

It requires a package called Xautomation to work. Fortunately, it's in the repositories for most distros, so you can probably install it using your package manager.

Using apt:$ sudo apt-get install Xautomation

Using pacman:$ sudo pacman -S xautomation

For other package managers, see Xautomation's Sourceforge page.

Supported Websites

Your favorite typing competition site - ??

Learn to type

If you have interest in actually learning to type, please see the list of resources for computer essentials provided by U.S. Career Institute. Thanks to Benson for this link! More HP's list of mouse and keyboarding games for more resources. Thanks, Ashley! Piper shared Business Typing Resources from Wyoming LLC Attoryney as another resource.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with HyperTyper? Check out the documentation at, submit an issue on GitHub, or send me an email.